Research and Integration

ArtistDesign is a driving force for federating the European research community in Embedded Systems Design. It brings together 31 of the best research teams as core partners, 15 Industrial and SME affiliated Industrial partners, 25 affiliated Academic partners, and 5 affiliated International Collaboration partners who participate actively in the technical meetings and events.

The central objective for the ArtistDesign European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design is to build on existing structures and links forged in the FP6 Artist2 NoE, to become a virtual Center of Excellence in Embedded Systems Design. This is mainly achieved through tight integration between the central players of the European research community. These teams have already established a long-term vision for embedded systems in Europe, which advances the emergence of Embedded Systems as a mature discipline.

The research effort aims to integrate topics, teams, and competencies, through an ambitious and coherent research programme of research activities which are grouped into 4 Thematic Clusters and 2 "Transversal Integration" inter-cluster activities:

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