Precise Behavioral Semantics for DSML

September 25th, 2007        Jacksonville, FL, USA

Precise Behavioral Semantics for Domain Specific Modeling Languages

Call for Presentations for Workshop

Model analysis and model-based code generation require the precise specification of Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSMLs). This is partly achieved by using metamodeling languages, metamodels, and UML® profiles describing the abstract syntax (concepts, relationships and well-formedness rules) of DSMLs. While abstract syntax metamodeling has been an important step in model-based design and been used in various model-based frameworks, such as MDA®, MIC, Eclipse-based tools, and Software Factories, explicit and formal specification of behavioral semantics has not received much attention, which creates a possibility for semantic mismatch between design models and modeling languages of analysis tools. While this difficulty exists in virtually every domain where DSMLs are employed, it is particularly problematic in safety-critical real-time and embedded systems domain, where semantic ambiguities may produce conflicting results across different tools.


The deadline for submitting abstracts is June 15, 2007.
Presenters with be notified before June 30, 2007 of acceptance.

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