COMES 2008

June 17-18, 2008       Sigtuna, Sweden organised and funded by ARTIST 

COMES 2008

Component-based development aims of separation of development of components from systems, and reuse of existing components. This approach brings many (known) advantages, but also many challenges of which some are specific or in particular important for embedded systems. Since for embedded systems non-functional properties and resource constraints are of particular importance, this workshop focus on component-based approaches that ensure predictability of the system properties. Predictability is a quantified measure of confidence and precision that a particular property (or property value) will be achieved.

The aim of the workshop is to
  • Present and discuss the current research and practical results in development of embedded systems using component-based development approaches.
  • Discuss and point out the challenges and possible solution directions in applying the component-based approach to achieve predictability of component-based embedded software systems.

The workshop is setup as a set of session in which each session will focus on particular challenges. The sessions will start with some introductory presentations and will continue with discussions, and hopefully lead to some conclusions.

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