LASER Summer School on Software Engineering

September 9-15, 2007       Elba, Italy

LASER Summer School on Software Engineering


Through its successful sessions since 2004, the LASER summer school (Laboratory for Applied Software Engineering Research), organized by ETH Zurich, brings together the concepts and practice of software engineering in the idyllic setting of the Elba Island off the coast of Tuscany, easily reachable by air, car, bus or train.

The LASER school is intended both for researchers (including PhD students) and for professional software engineers and managers who want to benefit from the best in software technology advances. The focus of LASER is resolutely applied, although theory is welcome to establish solid foundations. The format of the school favors extensive interaction between participants and speakers.

The 2007 LASER school is part of the ongoing "Grand Challenge" on software verification, initiated by Tony Hoare. It has a special focus on tools for software verification. This means in particular that it has a highly practical character and will provide participants with a clear view of techologies and tools available today to verify software.

The school brings together six speakers, each closely involved with tools for verification:
  • Thomas Ball
  • Gérard Berry
  • Tony Hoare
  • Bertrand Meyer
  • Peter Mueller
  • Natarajan Shankar

The style will be highly participative, with considerable use of verification tools and the use of a common case study. Participants will have the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with these tools through both lectures and practical exercises.

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