April 23-24, 2009       Nice, France organised with Artist partners 



SCOPES focuses on the software generation process for modern embedded systems. Topics of interest include all aspects of the compilation process, starting with suitable modeling and specification techniques and programming languages for embedded systems. The emphasis of the workshop lies on code generation techniques for embedded processors. The exploitation of specialized instruction set characteristics is as important as the development of new optimizations for embedded application domains. Cost criteria for the entire code generation and optimization process include runtime, timing predictability, energy dissipation, code size and others. Since today’s embedded devices frequently consist of a multi-processor system-on-chip, the scope of this workshop is not limited to single-processor systems but particularly covers compilation techniques for MPSoC architectures.

In addition, this workshop intends to put a spotlight on the interactions between compilers and other components in the embedded system design process. This includes compiler support for e.g. architecture exploration during HW/SW codesign or interactions between operating systems and compilation techniques. Finally, techniques for compiler aided profiling, measurement, debugging and validation of embedded software are also covered by this workshop, because stability of embedded software is mandatory.

SCOPES 2009 is the 12th workshop in a series of workshops initially called "International Workshop on Code Generation for Embedded Processors". The name SCOPES has been used since the 4th workshop. The scope of the workshop remains software for embedded systems with emphasis on code generation (compilers) for embedded processors.

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    - Heiko Falk - Dortmund University of Technology, DE

    - Peter Marwedel - Dortmund University of Technology, DE

    - Twan Basten - TU Eindhoven, NL
    - Marco Bekooij - NXP semiconductors, NL
    - Trevor Carlson - IMEC Leuven, BE
    - Alain Darte - ENS Lyon, FR
    - Koen de Bosschere - University of Gent, BE
    - Nikil Dutt - University of Irvine, USA
    - Jörg Henkel - University of Karlsruhe, DE
    - Daniel Kästner - AbsInt GmbH, DE
    - Paul Kelly - Imperial College London, UK
    - Andreas Krall - TU Vienna, AT
    - Christian Lengauer - University of Passau, DE
    - Annie Liu - Stony Brook University, USA
    - Bilha Mendelson - IBM Research Lab, IL
    - Michael O’Boyle - University of Edinburgh, UK
    - Yunheung Paek - Seoul National University, KR
    - Jürgen Teich - University of Erlangen, DE
    - Hans van Someren - ACE bv, NL
    - Reinhard Wilhelm - University of Saarbrücken, DE

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