June 28-29, 2010       Schloss Rheinfels, St. Goar, Germany sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 

13th International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES 2010)

The 13th International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems (SCOPES) will take place June 28th and 29th, 2010, at Schloss Rheinfels in St. Goar, Germany.

SCOPES 2010 is co-located with the Mapping of Applications to MPSoCs 2010 Workshop (map2mpsoc). map2mpsoc takes place on June 29th and 30th, 2010.


SCOPES focuses on the software generation process for modern embedded systems. Topics of interest include all aspects of the compilation process, starting with suitable modeling and specification techniques and programming languages for embedded systems. The emphasis of the workshop lies on code generation techniques for embedded processors. The exploitation of specialized instruction set characteristics is as important as the development of new optimizations for embedded application domains. Cost criteria for the entire code generation and optimization process include runtime, timing predictability, energy dissipation, code size and others. Since today’s embedded devices frequently consist of a multi-processor system-on-chip, the scope of this workshop is not limited to single-processor systems but particularly covers compilation techniques for MPSoC architectures.

In addition, this workshop intends to put a spotlight on the interactions between compilers and other components in the embedded system design process. This includes compiler support for e.g. architecture exploration during HW/SW codesign or interactions between operating systems and compilation techniques. Finally, techniques for compiler aided profiling, measurement, debugging and validation of embedded software are also covered by this workshop, because stability of embedded software is mandatory.

SCOPES 2010 is the 13th workshop in a series of workshops initially called "International Workshop on Code Generation for Embedded Processors". The name SCOPES has been used since the 4th workshop. The scope of the workshop remains software for embedded systems with emphasis on code generation (compilers) for embedded processors.

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    - Ed Deprettere, Leiden University, NL
    - Todor Stefanov, Leiden University, NL
    - Peter Marwedel - TU Dortmund, DE
  • Web Chair
    - Hristo Nikolov, Leiden University, NL
    - See SCOPES Web site

Important dates

Full paper submission: January 22, 2010

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