SeNAml 2012

March 19-23, 2012      Lugano, Switzerland

SeNAml 2012

Smart spaces, pervasive computing and ambient intelligence are different terms to allude to the capabilities of systems to ’adapt’ and ’respond’, in order to provide the right service in a timely, unobtrusive and friendly manner. When conceiving a smart system, it is key to define how to seamlessly, effectively and securely it will interact with the user, both to gather the appropriate information to work and to provide the required service. To date, most practical interaction strategies in smart spaces have relied in the use of mobile devices as mediators (e.g. mobile augmented reality). Recently also a number of methods based on natural interfaces (such as tangible ones in smart objects) have been proposed and demonstrated. This workshop focuses on advances in technologies and concepts enabling novel interaction models to link the physical and virtual world layers in smart spaces, to create innovative applications which make intensive use of ambient and personal information to deliver value to their users. Our goal is to organize a forum for attendees to share experiences and discuss novel ideas for easy, friendly and effective interaction and applications in smart spaces.

Following the success of previous editions (Dunedin 2008, Hiroshima 2009 and Hong Kong 2010), the fourth edition of this event once again aims at bringing together researchers from academia and industry to present and discuss recent trends and advances in supportive technologies for ambient intelligence.

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