Artist Mailing List

Artist Mailing List
for frequent information about events, calls for papers, open positions and other announcements
for Embedded Systems Design research world-wide.

The mailing list is open to all interested persons (not just Artist partners).

How to Subscribe

  • To subscribe or unsubscribe, send the corresponding message: subscribe / unsubscribe,
    then *** be sure to confirm *** by replying to the message you’ll receive from the mail server.
    You’ll get a welcome message confirming your subscription to the Artist Mailing List.

Submitting an Announcement

  • To submit an announcement, be sure you have already subscribed, then simply send your message to:
  • Once the moderator has approved it, your message will be sent to the mailing list as is.

Restrictions on Messages

To ensure that interest in the list remains high, the list is moderated to check that these few common-sense guidelines are followed:
  1. Subject heading
    • A Subject line is mandatory.
    • Please explicitly state the topic(s) of the event/announcement in the subject.
    • It’s highly recommended that the date(s) of the event appear in the subject as well.
    • We recommend that no extra text (other than the above) appear in the subject.
  2. Sender ("From")
    • The name of the person sending the message should appear clearly in the "From" field (eg: Fred Astaire <>).
  3. Body of the message
    • The body must contain the main elements.
      Details may be provided in an attachment, but it’s not OK to have only an attachment.
  4. Other restrictions
    • Only announcements of interest to the general community, of a non-commercial nature, will be accepted.
    • Please plan to submit only one announcement for a given event.
    • Attachments should be very small. If you want to provide larger information, make it available on a website and just provide the link.
    • Announcements must address the international embedded systems community. The subject of the announcement (eg: a workshop or publication) must be English-language.

Privacy Policy

  • Please note that Artist has a very strict privacy policy: we will not give the list of subscribers to any outside parties, including the Artist core participants.

This mailing list is meant for the research community, but anyone may subscribe or submit announcements to it.

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