Becoming an Affiliated Partner

Becoming an Affiliated Partner

The ArtistDesign NoE has a large number of ongoing research and integration activities, in which both the core contractual partners, and invited affiliated partners participate in collaborative work.

As a general rule, no ArtistDesign funding is available for affiliated partners. The only contractual relationship is signing a non-disclosure agreement agreement when so required by either of the parties - although such an agreement cannot supersede the existing ArtistDesign EC Contract or accompanying Consortium Agreement.

To become an affiliated partner, a research institution or company needs to contact the cluster and/or activity leader in the area of interest for collaboration. Once an agreement has been reached about the role to be played by the affiliated partner, the basic elements of information or required:

For Affiliated Industrial and SME partners

- Contact name(s)
- Email address(es)
- Exact name of the company (including division if relevant)
- Logo of the company / division
- Web page URL for the company (English version if available)
- a short (1-3 paragraphs) description of the role to be played
- ArtistDesign activity(ies) and cluster(s)

For Affiliated Academic and International Collaboration (outside EU) partners

- Photo
- Cite the exact name of the ArtistDesign activity(ies) and cluster(s)
- Technical role(s): a short (1-3 paragraphs) description of the role to be played within the activity(ies) cited.
- Overall research interests (not just ArtistDesign).
- Role in leading conferences/journals/etc in the area.
- Notable past projects
- Awards/decorations
- Any further information that you feel would be useful.
And also:
- Exact name of the institution (English version)
- Institution’s web page URL (English version if available)
- Exact name of the contact, including titles
- Homepage URL (English version, if available)
- Email address
- Telephone in international form (eg: +33 4 56 xx xx xx)

After an agreement has been reached with the activity and/or cluster leader, this information should be sent to the Technical Coordinator:

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