Mapping of Applications-to MPSoCs - ArtistDesign Working Meeting

November 27-28, 2008       Düsseldorf, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 


It was agreed at the meeting to make the following benchmarks available via the ARTIST website.

Sequential C(++) code and an abstract SDF model of the application in the xml format of the SDF3 tool

Contributed by Marc Geilen,
TU Eindhoven

Zipped file with three other benchmark applications:
- H.263 decoder
- H.263 decoder
- MP3 decoder

There are README files explaining how to compile the applications and how to obtain input streams for testing or profiling purposes. the streams are not included for copyright / licensing / size reasons. There are LICENSE files explaining that they are all GPL licensed.


Contributed by Todor Stefanov,
U Leiden
- benchmark-JPEG2000.tgz
- benchmark-Motion_JPEG.tgz
- benchmark-Sobel.tgz

Each application consists of:
  1. a sequential version of the application in C;
  2. a parallel version of the application in C++ and XML;
  3. README file that explains how to compile and run the sequential and parallel version of the application;
  4. LICENSE file — all applications are distributed under the open source license called CPL (Common Public License).

Application Packages

Application packages from ETHZ: MJPEG and MPEG-2.

Each package includes:
  • the sequential version of the application, in C;
  • the parallel version of the application, provided in a Distributed Operation Layer (DOL) specification format that reflects the
    Kahn process network model of computation. The coordination file is coded in XML, while the individual processes are coded in C.
  • README and LICENSE files.

For a detailed description of the Distributed Operation Layer (DOL) framework please refer to the web site shapes/dol.html.

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