CRTS 2009

December 1st, 2009       Washington, D.C., USA (co-located with RTSS 2009) organised and funded by ARTIST 

Call for Papers

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The increasing complexity of real-time embedded systems demands advanced methodologies that can facilitate their design and analysis, while assuring correctness, real-time, and performance requirements. Promising is a paradigm of compositional theories and technologies that allows for the decomposition of a complex system into simpler pieces (components), as well as the integration of individual components to achieve system functions collectively, while preserving the principles of:
- compositionality: the system-level (global) property can be established from composing component-level (local) properties, and
- composability: the properties established and validated for components in isolation hold also after the components are assembled into the system.

Such a composition paradigm calls for new component concepts and composition mechanisms that can support various key characteristics of real-time embedded systems, such as timeliness, safety, security, quality of service, and adaptability.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest for the workshop are all of those associated with compositional theory and technology for real-time embedded systems, including (but not limited to):
  • COMPOSITIONAL SCHEDULING THEORIES: compositional schedulability and execution-time analysis; horizontal/vertical composition of various real-time resource management schemes (e.g., CPU, memory, power, thermal); composition of cluster-based multicore or multiprocessor scheduling.
  • COMPONENT MODEL AND INTERFACE: component model for real-time embedded systems; interface theory and development for real-time embedded systems; component technology for real-time embedded systems.
  • COMPOSITIONAL FORMAL METHODS: compositional techniques for modeling and formal methods; composition of validation and verification techniques.
  • COMPOSITIONAL DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS: composition of network protocol layers for real-time communications; compositional end-to-end delay analysis in distributed systems.
  • COMPOSITION OF POLICIES AND SERVICES: composition of system layers (e.g., OS, middleware) for real-time embedded systems; composition of performance policies and techniques for adaptive or reconfigurable real-time embedded systems; composition of services (e.g., robustness, privacy, safety, security) for real-time embedded systems.

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