June 10th, 2010      Amsterdam, Netherlands (satellite of DisCoTec 2010) organised with Artist partners 


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The general scope is to include theoretical and applied aspects of interactions and the synchronization mechanisms used among actors of concurrent/distributed systems. The workshop intends to attract researchers interested in models, verification, tools and programming primitives for complex interactions.

The theme of ICE’10 will be Guaranteed Interactions, by which we mean, for example, guaranteeing safety, reactivity, quality of service or satisfaction of analysis hypotheses. In order to provide such guarantees, a number of directions are being explored to develop appropriate models, methodologies and tools, like, for instance, behavioural types, component-based model checking, assume-guarantee and, recently, “by construction” techniques such as glue synthesis. Considering interaction as a first class entity is crucial for overcoming complexity issues of distributed systems, such as state space explosion. In this context, coordination can be viewed as imposing constraints on the interaction among the actors. Such constraints and guarantees of their satisfaction play an important role in the analysis of distributed systems.

Topics of interest include, but shall not be limited to:
- logic and types for interactions
- concurrent models and semantics
- techniques and tools for specification, analysis, verification of guaranteed interaction
- programming primitives for interactions
- languages, protocols and mechanisms for sound coordination
- “by construction” guarantees for interaction
- expressiveness results
- formal contract languages
- disciplined interactions inspired by emerging computational models (systems biology, quantum computing, etc.)

The ICE’10 post-proceeding will be published in Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (EPTCS).

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