ARTIST Workshop at DATE’06

March 10th, 2006       Munich, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 


ARTIST Workshop at DATE’06: W4 Design Issues in Distributed, Communication-Centric Systems

The workshop presented relevant, innovative, and holistic topics in communication-centric systems, sensor networks, dynamic real-time architecture, distributed computing, minimal operating systems, and self-organisation.

More generally, these workshops aim to extend existing links between related multi-disciplinary communities, through world-class presentations and discussion on cutting-edge topics. The ARTIST2 Network of Excellence on embedded systems software design aims to strengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote the emergence of this new multi-disciplinary area.

To achieve this, ARTIST2 gathers together the best European teams from the composing disciplines, and aims to forge a scientific community. This interdisciplinary effort in research is mandatory for establishing Embedded Systems Design as a discipline, combining competencies from electrical engineering, computer science, electronic engineering, applied mathematics, systems theory, and control.

The ambition is to compete on the same level as equivalent centres in the USA (Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon), for both the production and transfer of knowledge and competencies, and in terms of impact on industrial innovation.

Target audience

Prominent members of the ARTIST2 NoE and DATE communities, wishing to explore relevant and innovative work directions common to both, and to extend contacts and establish long-term links.

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