DySCAS 2009

February 18th, 2009       Volvo Office Brussels, Belgium organised and funded by ARTIST 

DySCAS 2009

We shall be holding a public workshop to disseminate the results of the “Dynamically Self-configuring Automotive Systems” (DySCAS) FP6 project in February 2009.

DySCAS is a FP6 research project which aims to make embedded automotive computer systems scalable and self-adaptive. The business perspective covers the need to incorporate new devices and software functionality into the vehicle post-design time – beyond vehicle commissioning – and to improve maintenance and reliability of vehicles, which is a potential new business model for vehicle upgrades. These abilities promise to shorten the development phase, support customization and system evolution.

The DySCAS public results dissemination workshop will highlight the advances made during the project. You will learn about a future embedded automotive technology which has sophisticated capabilities to configure itself in context-aware ways to meet the quality-of-service requirements of applications, to automatically optimize resource usage, and to dynamically detect and resolve certain categories of fault. In the project, a substantial effort has been devoted to provide development methods to match the increased flexibility with robustness and safety analyses. Many of the results achieved in DySCAS are applicable to a large class of autonomic embedded systems, while some take specific automotive constraints into account such as integration with existing standards such as Autosar.

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