ETFA 2007

September 25-28, 2007       Patras, Greece

Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation 2007

Scope & Objectives

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of technology, as well as actual and potential applications to industrial and factory automation.
Since 1992, the ETFA conference have been hosted by some of the leading academic and research establishments including University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), INRIA (Paris, France), University of Hawaii (Hawaii), University of California at Los Angeles, Polytechnic University of Catalunia (Barcelona, Spain), Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis (Nice, France), Universidade Nova de Lisboa-FCT-DEE (Lisbon, Portugal), University of Catania and Czech Technical University in Prague (Prague, the Czech Republic). This time, the ETFA conference is hosted by the University of Patras, Patras, Greece.


- Information Technology in Automation
- Industrial Communication Systems
- Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems
- Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Networks
- Automated Manufacturing Systems and Enterprise Integration
- Continuous Automation Systems
- Distributed Intelligent Control for Flexible Manufacturing
- Computational Intelligence in Automation
- Intelligent Robots & Systems
- Emerging Issues

Important Dates

- Deadline for submission of long papers: March 31, 2007
- Notification of acceptance of long papers: May 25, 2007
- Deadline for submission of work-in-progress papers and Industry practice: June 1, 2007
- Notification of acceptance of work-in-progress papers and Industry practice: July 1, 2007
- Deadline for submission of final manuscripts: July 1, 2007

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