Embedded Systems Conference 2007

April 1-5, 2007       San José, CA, USA and trade show 

Embedded Systems Conference

So Much Brainpower in One Place. Silicon Valley

ESC is a truly global technical conference bringing together the world’s technology experts (faculty) from over 16 different countries. It provides in depth technical training for engineers relatively new to embedded design, all the way up to courses on cutting-edge technology applications and solutions for the most experienced designers.

By attending ESC SV you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with strategic suppliers, discover new products and solutions to your most pressing design challenges.

Design decision require a comprehensive, integrated view of the technologies, tools and service that are available, by walking the ESC event floor, interacting with exhibitors, or taking part in the vendor sponsored sessions attendees will gain invaluable access that’s available nowhere else.

ESC is access: to other brains, to information, to vendors, to new products.

Is this a must-attend conference and event? File it under no-brainer.

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