Communication with Partners

The following recommendations apply to the projects managed by UJF/Floralis, and are meant to simplify the activities in managing the projects. It is particularly important that all communications (internal, with the partners, and to non-partners) be as clear as possible.


  • One email per project (never mix projects)
  • Subject lines should go from most general to most specific eg:
    ArtistDesign: Y3 Review - templates for your presentations
  • Never use "Mr" (or equivalents, such as "Sr", "Herr", etc). Either use the correct title, or use the full name eg: Sibylle Kuster.
  • Always include the full URL for whatever the subject is (an event, a publication, other information, etc).

Names of Documents

  • Should always start with the full name of the project (eg: ArtistDesign, or Combest).
  • It is good to include dates, but be sure to use an unambigious form, such as: 15Jan2008.
  • Do not use spaces in the name, use - and _ instead.
    - indicates a tigher link than _ (eg: ArtistDesign_RegisteredParticipants_21Jan2008.xls
  • Only use English, even in abbreviations.

Sending information to partners (mailing lists)

  • Always send short email messages - should fit on a single page. Exceptionally, the Technical Coordinator will send long messages, but this is OK.
  • When writing to a mailing list, never send an attached document. Always make it available on a web page, and simply send the link.
  • When sending complex information (anything over one page), put it into a web page, and send the link to the web page. This allows changes/corrections to be made without needing to re-send the message to all partners.

Requesting information / documents from partners

  • Always indicate a deadline
  • Before the deadline, messages are sent to the appropriate mailing list. If it’s a reminder, always start the sentence with: "If you haven’t already done so, please ..."
  • After the deadline has passed, send ONLY individual messages to the partners who have not responded. This means a separate message for each partner who has not responded.
    This is because: 1) Do not disturb partners who have already responded; 2) Partners who have not yet responded should feel isolated, and thus respond more quickly.

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