April 17-19, 2007       Woodstock, Vermont, USA sponsored by Artist 

13th International Real-Time Ada Workshop

For over 20 years the series of International Real-Time Ada Workshop meetings has provided a forum for identifying issues with real-time system support in Ada and for exploring possible approaches and solutions, and has attracted participation from key members of the research, user, and implementer communities worldwide. Since the standardization of Ada 95, the IRTAW series has assisted in the review of the real-time related portions of the Guide for the Use of the Ada Programming Language for High Integrity Systems (ISO/IEC TR 15942:2000) and has developed and promoted the Ravenscar tasking profile. Recent IRTAW meetings have significantly contributed to the new Ada 2005 standard, especially with respect to the tasking features, the Real-Time and High-Integrity systems annexes, and the standardization of the Ravenscar profile.

Proceedings and Summary

  • Procedings of the workshop will be published by ACM: Volume XXVII Issue 2 (August 2007) of Ada Letters.
  • A summary of the workshop is available here.


Program Committee

- Ben Brosgol (Local Chair)
- Alan Burns
- Michael Gonzalez Harbour
- Stephen Michell
- Javier Miranda
- Luis Miguel Pinho
- Juan Antonio de la Puente (Program Chair)
- Jorge Real, José Ruiz
- Tullio Vardanega
- Andy Wellings

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