ARTIST2 Workshop on Timing Analysis in the Industrial Development Process (ISoLA 2006)

November 17th, 2006       Paphos, Cyprus organised and funded by ARTIST 

Workshop Overview

1-day workshop - special track within


Many safety-critical embedded systems have to satisfy hard real-time constraints. These systems need sound methods and tools to derive reliable run-time guarantees. The guaranteed run times should not only be reliable, but also precise. The achievable precision is highly dependent on characteristics of the target architecture and on the software design and implementation method.

Experience has shown that a tight integration of Timing Analysis into the development process and the development tool chain improves the achievable precision. This Special Track will be concerned with questions around the integration of timing analysis in the industrial development process.

Topics of interest:

  • Positioning Timing Analysis in the development process,
  • Implications for system design and implementation,
  • Timing predictability of embedded systems,
  • Validation of timing-analysis methods and tools,
  • Degrees of time-criticality and corresponding methods.

A Timing-Analysis Tool competition on a relevant set of benchmark programs is planned.

Submissions, Registration, Venue and Logistics

  • For submissions, registration, venue and logistics information, please see the Isola’06 main page.

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