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Prof. Lucia Lo Bello




Professor Lucia Lo Bello
University of Catania (Italy) – Affiliated to SSSA, Pisa
  • Affiliated academic partner



Technical role(s) within ArtistDesign

  • QoS-oriented scheduling and management of communication and processing elements in embedded platforms, including energy-aware solutions.
  • Resource management and real-time communication in distributed embedded systems, with particular reference to networked embedded systems used in factory communication and in automotive environments.
  • Real-time communication over wireless networks: modeling, timing analysis, transmission scheduling, topology management, coexistence assessments, to support soft real-time traffic over IEEE 802.11, 802.15.4 and Bluetooth networks.
  • Adaptivity and design issues of protocols for wireless sensor networks and networked embedded systems.
  • Support for the SHaRK kernel maintenance.
  • Stochastic analysis of soft real-time tasks in the context of priority-driven soft real-time systems.

Research interests

Wireless networks and wireless sensor networks, factory communication, real-time scheduling, overload handling, real-time industrial embedded systems, networked embedded systems, energy-aware protocols, automotive communications.

Role in leading conferences/journals/etc in the area

  • Program Chair of SOCNE 2010, HSI’09, ETFA 08, ETFA 05.
  • WIP Chair of ETFA 09, SIES 07, ETFA 06.
  • General Chair of ECRTS 04.
  • On the PC of many editions of ECRTS, RTSS, RTAS, WFCS, ETFA, RTN , FET, RTNS, WTR.
  • Reviewer for several international journals, included the Real-Time Systems Journal, IEEE Transactions on Paralleel and Distributed Systems, IEEE/IES Transactions on Industrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems, IEEE Transactions on Education, Computer Engineering Practice.
  • On the Editorial Board of the Journal of Real-time Image Processing, Springer, Germany.

Notable past projects

  • Responsible for the University of Catania of the flexWARE Project, Flexible Wireless Automation in Real-Time Environments,, a STREP Project funded by the European Commission within the 7 FP.
  • European project ESPRIT 26951 "NOAH - Network Oriented Application Harmonization.
  • Italian National projects
    - PRIN 04 entitled “Study and development of a real-time land control and monitoring system for fire prevention”,
    - COFIN 01 entitled ‘’High-Performance Processing for Applications with High-Intensity Computational Requirements and Real-Time Constraints,
    both funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research

Awards / Decorations

  • Recipient of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society 2008 Early Career Award.
  • Senior member of the IEEE since June 2009.

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