NERES 2011

November 10-11, 2011      University of Porto, Portugal organised and funded by ARTIST 

Motivation and Goal

In the past decades, several network communication protocols have been developed with new capabilities, offering ever-increasing throughput and support for traffic classes (including guaranteed latency and jitter), to different topologies, integration of heterogeneous segments, extensive use of wireless technologies, openness to dynamic arrival and departures of nodes, openness to larger networks (such as the Internet), etc.. If, on the one hand, many problems have been solved, with a significant number of successful real-time embedded applications that rely on networking services, on the other hand new problems have appeared, or some old problems persist that still require adequate solutions for harmonization with real-time constraints, e.g., energy-efficient communication (particularly in WSN), networks for nodes with scarce resources, scalability issues in large sensor systems, networking support to middleware and to Quality-of-Service (QoS) adaptation and graceful degradation, support to higher software integration and transition to wireless communication everywhere.

The ArtistDesign activity on Real-Time Networks has addressed several of the referred problems focusing on the two following main lines:
  • Protocols and middleware for robust and flexible real-time communication, with associated analytical tools;
  • Protocols, tools and analysis methods for wireless sensor networks and mobile ad-hoc networks.

Coming close to the ArtistDesign project end, the NeRES 2011 workshop aims to:
  • Wrapping up the work done in the activity;
  • Presenting recent contributions, with focus on this year;
  • Identifying and discussing current trends and open issues in real-time communication.

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