ARTIST2 Workshop on Requirements for Flexible Scheduling in Complex Embedded Systems

June 16th, 2006       Paris (Massy), France organised and funded by ARTIST 



As the complexity of embedded applications evolves, the gap between their timing requirements and the scheduling services provided by real-time operating systems increases. Today’s systems require a mixture of quality of service, hard and soft real-time, and multiple resource management, which bring the need for raising the level of abstraction of the scheduling services.

Objectives of the workshop

The objective of this workshop is to develop a set of requirements for building a flexible scheduling framework for applications demanding various types of tasks, constraints, and scheduling paradigms within the same system. The framework is oriented towards the contract-based scheduling of multiple resources such as the processors, the networks, dynamically reconfigurable modules, interrupts with time protection, shared resources with time protection, memory protection, and energy/power-aware scheduling.

The framework should ensure that the techniques developed can be used in different application domains. The targeted application domains are at least industrial control systems, media processing applications, automotive embedded systems, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence.

The set of requirements developed in the workshop should allow ongoing and future research and development projects to focus on the real needs of embedded systems, collected through the consensus of a large group of interests and experts, brought together through the ARTIST2 Network.

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