ARTIST2 Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems

April 3-7, 2006       Prague, Czech Repbulic organised and funded by ARTIST 



The strategic objective of the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence is to strengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote the emergence of this new multi-disciplinary area.

One of the main activities in the Network is the Joint Programme of Activities for Spreading Excellence. These are activities for disseminating excellence across all available channels, targetting industry, students, and other European and international research teams.

The Course is organized by Control for Embedded Systems Cluster with the participation of:
  • Lund University (Control Department)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Computer Engineering and Systems Engineering Departments)
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm (Control Dept, Mechatronics Dept, Optimization & Systems Dept)
  • Czech Technical University Prague (Control Dept)
  • Honeywell Prague Laboratory

Currently, most automated control applications are implemented as embedded components. This strong interaction between Control and Embedded systems forces the need of a new generation of researchers that can combine both fields.

One of the goals of ARTIST2 is the dissemination of these theories developping courses on this topic. The Control for Embedded Systems Cluster collaborates to this goal organising this course.


The main goals of the course are to provide the basic understanding of the following aspects:
  • Basic concepts on Embedded Control systems from the Control point of view
  • Real-Time concepts
  • Interaction between the control design and control implementation
  • Real-Time implementation of control algorithms in a multitasking environment
  • Analysis of the effects of the execution platform on control performance
  • Control-based approaches for modeling, analysis, and design of embedded control and communications systems
  • Overview of different off-line scheduling problems found in embedded systems
  • Embedded systems development

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