WFCD - 2010

October 24th, 2010      Scottsdale, Arizona (USA), within ESWeek 2010 organised and funded by ARTIST 

Objectives and Scope

ArtistDesign Workshop organized within Embedded Systems Week


The workshop will be comprised of invited presentations, as well as dedicated discussion sessions.

Objectives and Scope

The workshop aims to discuss recent results on component-based design with emphasis on design frameworks for real-time systems encompassing heterogeneous composition and models of computation. The focus is not only on fundamental results but also on their implementation in methods and tools and their concrete application in areas such as automotive, avionics, consumer electronics and automation.

The workshop will address specific challenges such as:
  • Foundations and Expressiveness of System Description Formalisms
    • Basic concepts for describing components
    • Types of interaction that are directly supported
    • Resource modeling in component-based formalisms
    • Combining computing paradigms and design principles:
      • synchronous, asynchronous;
      • event-driven, data-driven, time-driven
  • Component-based Design, Methods and Tools
    • Achieving correctness-by-construction
    • Compositional verification techniques
    • Adaptive resource management
    • Application Scenarios and Relevant Case Studies

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