ATVA China 2006

October 23-26, 2006       Beijing, China organised and funded by ARTIST 

Objectives and Scope

ATVA 2006 is the fourth in the series of symposia on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis. The purpose of ATVA is to promote research on theoretical and practical aspects of automated analysis, verification and synthesis in East Asia by providing a forum for interaction between the regional and the international research communities and industry in the field. The first three ATVA symposia were held in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in Taipei on the campus of National Taiwan University. Proceedings of ATVA 2004 and ATVA 2005 have been published by Springer, respectively as volume 3299 and volume 3707 in the LNCS serie.

Scope of Interest

The scope of interest is intentionally kept broad; it includes
  • Theory useful for providing designers with automated support for obtaining correct software or hardware systems, including both functional and non functional aspects, such as: theory on (timed) automata, Petri-nets, concurrency theory, compositionality, model-checking, automated theorem proving, synthesis, performance analysis, correctness-by-construction results, infinite state systems, abstract interpretation, decidability results, parametric analysis or synthesis.
  • Applications of theory in engineering methods and particular domains and handling of practical problems occurring in tools, such as: analysis and verification tools, synthesis tools, reducing complexity of verification by abstraction, improved representations, handling user level notations, such as UML, practice in industry applications to hardware, software or real-time and embedded systems. Case studies, illustrating the usefulness of tools or a particular approach are also welcome.

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