ARTIST2 / UNU-IIST Spring School in China 2006

April 3-15, 2006       Xi’an, China organised and funded by ARTIST 



The ARTIST2 / UNU-IIST / China Spring School was initialized and organized jointly by the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence (European Commission’s IST programme), the International Institute for Software Technology of the United Nations University (UNU-IIST, Macao), and North West Polytechnic University (NWPU, China).

It was sponsored by the European Commission, NWPU, and UNU-IIST.

In China, it was supported by the following major research institutions:
  • Shanghai Embedded Systems Institute (SESI),
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences’ ISCAS laboratory,
  • China Computer Foundation (CCF) Technical Committee on Theorectical Computer Science (chairman: Prof. Huowang Chen; secretary, Prof. Jianping Yin).




Coordination Committee

  • Prof. LI Zhanhuai, deputy dean of Computer School, Northwest Polytechnic University (China)
  • Dr. LIU Xiaojian, Northwest Polytechnic University (China)
  • Dr. LIU Zhiming, UNU-IIST (Macao)
  • Prof. WANG Yi , Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • Bruno BOUYSSOUNOUSE, ARTIST2 Technical Coordinator, Verimag Laboratory (France)

Local Organisation

  • Local organisation was handled by: Liu Xiaojian at Northwestern Polytechnical University (China).

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