MoCC 2008

July 3-4, 2008       Eindhoven, Netherlands organised and funded by ARTIST 


Workshop Objective

Embedded systems are omnipresent in modern society, and society crucially depends on their proper functioning. The complexity of embedded system design however is increasing rapidly, through the use of multiprocessor cores, through the integration of embedded systems in ubiquitous networks, and through the increasing interaction between embedded systems and their users and environments. To obtain a reliable operation of embedded systems while maintaining resource efficiency, the embedded system design process needs to be based on a solid basis of computational models.

The workshop aims to bring together academic and industrial researchers in model-driven embedded system design, to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art in this field.

The workshop focuses on the following question in particular:

- How can computational models be used to drive embedded system design such that performance, quality and resource constraints are met?


Workshop contributions should fit in the general workshop theme outlined above. They may cover the whole range of computational models (including dataflow models, state-based models, discrete-event models, process algebras, stochastic and probabilistic models), all modern embedded platforms (including multiprocessor systems-on-chip, distributed and networked systems, sensor networks), and all application domains (including multimedia and gaming, automotive, high-tech industrial systems, telecommunication, care and assisted living).

Topics of interest include:

- QoS, resource, and power management
- Operating systems, middleware, distributed control, network management
- Synthesis, analysis and verification (especially focusing on non-functional properties)
- Real-time computing, scheduling, execution time analysis
- Fault tolerance, dependability, security

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