First European Laboratory on Real-Time and Control for Embedded Systems

July 10-14, 2006       Pisa, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 



Real-Time distributed embedded systems play a crucial role in our society including several application domains such as automotive, telecommunications, robotics, and multimedia systems. These systems generally work under precise timing constraints, to achieve the required level of performance and predictability. Consequently, embedded systems design requires expertise in several disciplines, including control theory, networking, real-time computing, and operating systems. Unfortunately, such expertise is rarely found in European curricula.
Thus, the proposed course has two main goals:
  • Provide the most important concepts and methodologies used in developing real-time embedded systems, including fundamentals of real-time scheduling, operating systems, distributed systems, and control theory. In particular, the course will teach how these disciplines can be integrated to achieve predictable system behavior.
  • The second and more challenging goal of this course is to show how to apply theory into practice, teaching students how to develop simple real-time distributed control applications using a real-time operating system (Shark) specifically developed for education.

Please see the program for further details.

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