Runtime Verification 2009

June 26-28, 2009       Grenoble, France organised and funded by ARTIST 


Welcome to RV’09

The objective of RV’09 is to bring scientists from both academia and industry together to debate on how to monitor and analyze the execution of programs, for example by checking conformance with a formal specification written in temporal logic or some other form of history tracking logic. The purpose might be testing a piece of software before deployment, detecting errors after deployment in the field and potentially triggering subsequent fault protection actions, or the purpose can be to augment the software with new capabilities in an aspect oriented style. The longer term goal is to investigate whether the use of lightweight formal methods applied during the execution of programs is a viable complement to the current heavyweight methods proving programs correct always before their execution, such as model checking and theorem proving. This year’s workshop is organized as a satellite event of CAV.


The proceedings of RV09 will be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

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