October 6th, 2009      Denver, Colorado, USA (in conjunction with MoDELS 2009) organised and funded by ARTIST 

2nd International Workshop on
Model Based Architecting and Construction
of Embedded Systems


(ACESMB 2009)


The development of embedded systems with real-time and other critical constraints raises distinctive problems. In particular, development teams have to make very specific architectural choices and handle key non-functional constraints related to, for example, real-time deadlines and to platform parameters like energy consumption or memory footprint. In this context, the last few years have seen an increased interest in using model-based engineering (MBE) techniques. MBE techniques are interesting and promising for the following reasons: They allow to capture dedicated architectural and non-functional information in precise (and even formal) domain-specific models, and they support a layered construction of systems, in which the (platform independent) functional aspects are kept separate from architectural and non-functional (platform specific) aspects, where the final system is obtained by combining these aspects later using model transformations.


The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in model-based software engineering for real-time embedded systems. We are seeking contributions relating to this subject at different levels, from modelling languages and semantics to concrete application experiments, from model analysis techniques to model-based implementation and deployment. Given the criticality of the application domain, we particularly focus on model-based approaches yielding efficient and provably correct designs. Concerning models and languages, we welcome contributions presenting novel modelling approaches as well as contributions evaluating existing ones.

Call for Papers

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