ICE 2011

June 9th, 2011      Reykjavik, Iceland (satellilte of DisCoTec'11) organised with Artist partners 


ICE 2011 – 4th Interaction and Concurrency Experience
Topic: Reliable and Contract-based Interaction

Interaction and Concurrency Experiences (ICEs) is a series of international scientific meetings oriented to researchers in various fields of theoretical computer science. The timeliness and novelty of these events relies both on the variety of the topics that will be treated on each event and on the adopted paper selection mechanism.

Every experience focuses on a different specific topic affecting several areas of computer science. A thorough scientific debate among PC and authors of submitted papers will parallel the reviewing process. After the selection phase, papers will are published on the web and the discussion is extended to perspective participants. The debates improve both the quality of the accepted papers and the reviewing process, prepare and stimulate the scientific discussions during the event.

The theme of ICE 2011 is Reliable and Contract-based Interaction. Reliable interactions are, e.g., those enjoying suitable logical, behavioural, or security properties, or adhering to certain QoS standards. Contract-based interactions are, e.g., those where the interacting entities are committed to give certain guarantees whenever certain assumptions are met by their operating environment


- Slides used by the speakers are now available (Programme)
- The workshop programme is available (Programme)
- Abstract of the invited talk by Rocco De Nicola available (Programme)
- The discussion forum is up and running
- Abstract of the invited talk by Simon Gay available (Programme)
- Abstract of the invited talk by Prakash Panangaden available (Programme)
- Abstract and paper submission deadlines extended by one week (Important dates)
- Simon Gay has accepted to give an invited talk.
- Rocco De Nicola has accepted to give a joint invited talk for ICE 2011 and PACO 2011.
- Prakash Panangaden has accepted to give an invited talk.
- ICE 2011 leaflet ready. Please distribute!


- Invited talks by Prakash Panangaden (McGill University, Canada), Rocco de Nicola (University of Florence, Italy) and Simon Gay (University of Glasgow, UK)
- Innovative selection procedure (Paper submission)
- A special issue of Scientific Annals of Computer Science will be considered depending on the quality of the submitted papers.


ICE’11 is sponsored by CEA LIST, the University of Pisa and Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics.


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