ARTIST2 Workshop on Execution Platforms / Cluster Meeting

May 22-23, 2006       Bologna, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 



  • Jozef Hooman, ESI
    Performance Research in the Boderc project
  • Simon Schliecker, IDA
    Analysis of memory and coprocessor accesses on MPSoCs
  • Simon Künzli,ETHZ
    Hybrid Approach to System-Level Performance Analysis
  • Jan Madsen, DTU
    System Modeling Infrastructure
  • Petru Eles, Linköping
    ARTIST-Relevant Research from Linköping: latest results
  • Michela Milano, DEIS
    System Design Related Optimization Problems
  • Davide Bertozzi, UNIFE
    Communication and I/O architecture for highly integrated MPSoC platforms
  • Jose L. Ayala, UPM
    Low-power and Low-temperature Compilation for Embedded Processors
  • Francisco Moya, UCLM
    An MPSOC Middleware: Network Transparency for on-chip/off-chip Modules
  • Clemens Moser, ETHZ
    Power management for solar-driven sensor nodes
  • Arne Hamann, IDA
    Sensitivity analysis & System Robustness Optimization
  • Andrea Acquaviva, UNIURB
    Energy ­Awareness in Battery­less Systems

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