March 24th, 2010       University of Oxford, UK sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 

Participants and Results

Laurent Pautet Telecom-ParisTech France
Jérôme Hugues ISAE France
Matthew Hause Artisan Software Tools USA
Mamoun Filali IRIT France
Pablo Penil University of Cantabria Spain
Li Dan University of Macau China
David Simon Zayas EADS IW France
Isabelle Perseil Inserm France
Michael.Kerboeuf University of Brest France
Iulian Ober IRIT France
Roberto Varona-Gomez University of Cantabria Spain
Frank Singhoff University of Brest France

ICECCS participants (about 25 people from the conference)

Results: The panel is currently the support of a paper that will be published in SIGBED Newsletters

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