First European Laboratory on Real-Time and Control for Embedded Systems


Monday, July 10 - Scheduling day

Introduction to real-time systems. Modelling real-time applications. Deriving timing constraints.
Afternoon: Overview of scheduling theory. Periodic task scheduling. Aperiodic Servers. Scheduling under resource constraints. Overload handling.

Tuesday, July 11 - Shark day

Morning: Introduction to Shark. The Shark API. Writing a simple demo.
Afternoon: Installing Shark. Device drivers and libraries. Other utilities.

Wednesday, July 12 - Control day

Morning: Real-time and control issues. Integrated design. Feedback scheduling.
Afternoon: Designing a simple control application.

Thursday, July 13 - Network day

Morning: Basic concepts of communication. Temporal control of communication. Medium Access Control protocols. Analysis of network-induced and end-to-end latency.
Afternoon: Measuring the network-induced delay. Implementing a simple distributed control loop. Observation of negative effects caused by variable load.

Friday, July 14 - Practical day

Morning: Finishing the implementation of a real-time (possibly distributed) control application.
Afternoon: Project presentations.

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