ARTIST2 Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems

May 7-11, 2007       Lund, Sweden organised and funded by ARTIST 

Course Programme

Monday May 7

Welcome - Karl-Erik Årzén
Introduction to Embedded Systems - Karl-Erik Årzén
Parallel Tracks:
- Control: Introduction to Control - Karl-Erik Årzén, Anton Cervin
- RT Computing: Introduction to real-time computing - Alfons Crespo
Continuation of parallel tracks
PID Control: From algorithm to code - Karl-Erik Årzén

Tuesday May 8

Control & RT Issues - Pedro Albertos, Alfons Crespo
Integrated Control and Scheduling - Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén
Laboratory 1: Control of Ball and Beam Process - Karl-Erik Årzén, Anton Cervin

Wednesday May 9

FPGA Scheduling - Zdenek Hanzalek
Control of Computer Systems - Karl-Erik Årzén, Anton Cervin
Laboratory 2: TrueTime and TORSCHE - Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén, Zdenek Hanzalek

Thursday May 10

Model-based development: From UML to Simulink - Martin Törngren, Bengt Eriksson
Networked Control Systems & Fixed Point Arithmetic - Karl-Erik Årzén
Laboratory 3: Embedded control (ATMEL AVR) of mechanical servo process - Karl-Erik Årzén, Anton Cervin

Friday May 11

Industrial presentations:
- Control problems in mobile communication - Bo Bernhardsson, Ericsson
- Automotive Embedded Control - Erik Coelingh, Volvo Car Corporation
- Industrial Automation - Albert Norberg, ABB
- Modeling and simulation of embedded control applications - Hilding Elmqvist, Dynasim

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