Specification and Verification of Secure Embedded Systems


List of announced talks.

Luca Vigano’, Information Security ETH Zürich.
The AVISPA project (invited talk).

Pierpaolo Degano, Computer Science Dept., Pisa Univ.
Secure services composition (invited talk).

When reachability-based secrecy implies equivalence-based secrecy in security protocols.
Veronique Cortier, Loria CNRS.

Deducible information flow.
Catalin Dima, Univ. Paris-12.

A Security Protocol Animator Tool for AVISPA.
Yann Glouche, IRISA.

Analysing Electronic Voting Protocols in the Applied Pi Calculus.
Steve Kremer, Cachan CNRS.

Security modulo equational properties of cryptographic primitives: general methods for automatic proofs.
Sergiu Bursuc and Hubert Comon, Cachan CNRS.

Enforcing security policies on components.
Ilaria Matteucci, IIT-CNR.

PS-LTL for the analysis of security protocols.
Ricardo Corin and Sandro Etalle, Twente Univ.

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