ARTIST2 Graduate Course on: Automated Formal Methods for Embedded Systems 2008

June 16-24, 2008       DTU - Lyngby, Denmark organised and funded by ARTIST 


  Here is a brief report for the course. Further details are available on the course home page:

We issued 8 diplomas:
- 5 participants came from our own institution (IMM/DTU)
- 1 came from Copenhagen University
- 2 came from University of Southern Denmark
The course consisted of three periods:
  • Period 1: 16 – 20 June: Lectures and lab sessions by Martin Fränzle. Keywords: Finite-state systems, computation tree logic, CTP model checking, symbolic methods, hybrid discrete-continuous automata
    models, verification by approximation, satisfiability of large arithmetic formulae.
  • Period 2: 23 June – 24 June. Lectures and lab sessions by Jüri Vain on Model-based development and
    validation of multirobot corporative systems.
  • Period 3: 25 June – 11 July. Work on project.

The students could take the course in two ways.
  • A short version consisting of the two first periods. 6 participants chose the short version.
  • A full version. 2 participants completed all parts and both handed in very nice reports.

The students’ reactions were very positive. The mixture of lectures, exercises and labs worked very well, despite that the audience was quite inhomogeneous.

We also consider this year’s course a big success and will repeat it again next year in a similar form. We were rather late in announcing the course in 2008 – we will do better on that issue next time.

Michael R. Hansen

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