Synchron 2010

November 29th - December 3rd 2010      Villa Clythia, Fréjus - France organised and funded by ARTIST 



The 17th Synchron Workshop was held this year from November 29th to December 2rd in Fréjus, France.
Attendance went up to 56 participants, with a majority of French and German researchers, but also Romanian, Greek, British, Australian, Indian, Chinese, Columbian and New-Zealanders. There was also a strong renewal of people with Ph.D/PostDoc students and junior researchers ,to complement some of the familiar confirmed researcher attendees.
31 lectures were addressed, while many more discussions went on during the days of the seminar until late hours.

The main topics of these Synchron Days was to deal with technical advances in the modeling and analysis of Synchronous Reactive Languages, but also of their connection with other existing theories and existing frameworks. This came at a time when academic and commercial offers in the field are being reshuffled with a number of important changes. The questions raised, the connections from our researcher fields to neighboring communities, were discussed at length during this week.

Next Edition

The next edition of Synchron should be held in Fontainebleau, hosted by Mines Paris Tech, and organized by Marc Pouzet and Louis Mandel (University Paris 6 and ENS Ulm). The 2012 edition is foreseen to take place in Schloss Dagstuhl.

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