ArtistDesign Year3 Review

February 23-24, 2011      Brussels, Belgium

Y3 Review Report


  • Review Report
  • The reviewers have made a number of recommendations (pages 5-8 and 14), both globally and for each cluster - please read these carefully.

Overall Reviewers’ conclusion (page 4)

- The rich web of industrial connections, the attention industry pays to ArtistDesign activities is a testimony that ArtistDesign is an excellent investment: it is an engine of innovation in a strategic field. The “superstructure” ArtistDesign creates over a number of EU research projects is valuable: the coordination is working, the clusters are active, communities interact and a shared vision is formulated.
- ArtistDesign has a major promise that new insights will emerge from the vertical, crosscutting activities that could not have emerged otherwise.
- ArtistDesign gives a unique identity to research in EU in embedded systems. The scope of activities, the level of involvement of the researchers, the volume of produced results is impressive.
- The ArtistDesign portal is a shared intellectual asset used now worldwide.
This all is shown by the research output, the website, the summer schools, the joint publications as well as by the generated projects both at European level (FP7, Artemis) and at national level.
- At the review meeting, presentations were at the right level of detail, well presented and the timing was good.

The main points are summarised below:

  • The NoE has matured and provides the required conceptual integration for large and diverse technology area.
  • There is evidence of significant interaction across researchers, research groups and even research areas. This interaction has started creating a strong convergence on the field and improves effectiveness in addressing rapidly emerging new challenges
  • The produced research output of the teams participating in the NoE is extremely
  • There is ample evidence that impact on industry is strong. Connection to industry is demonstrated, with significant variance among the various industrial domains.
  • Outreach activities are remarkably strong and well represent EU research excellence in the area of embedded systems world-wide.
  • ArtistDesign may be considered as a crown jewel of the EU ICT, well worth the
  • The NoE has extended its internal connections and especially in the integration domain, where new fields have been initiated. New fields of application which were mentioned as targets during last review were actually addressed (bio-medical).
  • The permeability among the collaborating partners is demonstrated and is based on actual sound research objectives, where joint competences are used to try and bridge gaps, to deliver solutions to identified lacks in embedded systems development areas.

  • Prepare in a more timely fashion the financial management documents. This seems to be a constant issue as this was also the case last year.
  • Although the produced research output of the teams participating in the NoE is
    extremely impressive, the path for continuation is not quite clear. The activities that are demonstrated in terms of joint works would benefit from having a joint future research agenda. The strategic research vision could be provided based on roadmapping activities with explanation not only on the rationale for starting these joint activities, but also on objectives that are targeted and expected timeframe for such activities, then connecting to a status on the goals at some milestones. This would also benefit for understanding and demonstrating if / when the collaboration comes to an end (research objectives met, or “dead end”) as well as allowing to determine required extension of the collaboration or decision to stop it.
  • Although the need to come to an integrated development environment seems understood by the community, some more progress with respect to this needs to be performed.

This report is a combined effort of all the reviewers and there are no points of disagreement between them on its content.

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