RoSym 2010

October 5th, 2010      Oslo, Norway organised with Artist partners 

1st international workshop on Model Based Engineering for Robotics: RoSym’10

The workshop is co-located with MODELS’2010-
supported by
Robotics Task Force- at OMG

Extended Deadline: 30 July 2010 (see guidelines-)


Current engineering approaches for robotic systems have indeed been demonstrated to be insufficient to bypass following constraints that robotics embedded systems are currently facing:
  • the problem space is huge: as uncertainty of the environment and the number and type of resources available to the robot increase, the definition of the best matching between current situation and correct robot resource exploitation becomes overwhelming even for the most skilled robot engineer,
  • the solution space is huge: in order to enhance robustness of complex robotic systems, existing cognitive methods and techniques need to exploit robotic-specific resources adequately. This means that the robotic system engineer should master highly heterogeneous technologies in order to integrate them in a consistent and effective way.

One ideal process for developing robotic software components is to enable the design and implementation of highly complex and robust robotic systems to involve in less effort as possible. Robotics systems are complex and embedded ones; thanks to MBE that has already demonstrated its efficiency on complex and embedded systems. We expect MBE to be a real promising solution for the development process of robotics software & systems. This workshop will bring together robotics community and MBE community to discuss about techniques and solutions to improve current engineering for robotics systems


The main objectives of this workshop are to organise common discussions within MBE and robotics experts of how MBE can help robotics people and to share issues that robotics people have encountered with MBE. Potentially, new MBE techniques have to be developed for robotics which can also be applicable to other domains. Since robotics is a very challenging domain, we are confident that new techniques may possibly open new way for Model Based Engineering.


The concrete topics of interest are:
  • Model-based design of robotics and autonomous systems, including dedicated modelling language for robotics (which may be extensions of existing languages as well)
  • Safety, dependability and certification of robotics systems,
  • Test, validation of the autonomous behaviour of the robot,
  • Model simulation for robotics,
  • Model-based quantitative analysis techniques, including performance optimisation techniques for robotics
  • Model-based processes and methods for robotics, including the investigation and classification of activities adjusted to robotics
  • Exploration and assessment of how existing MBE solutions have been used or experimented in robotics
  • Evaluation techniques and metrics for assessing effectiveness of MBE robotics system prototype .
  • Examples of "early adopters" of MDE for robotics
  • Unique challenges in robotics that MDE might help overcome
  • MDE concepts and techniques that are particularly relevant to robotics


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