SLA++P 2007

March 31st, 2007       Braga, Portugal sponsored by Artist 

SLA++P 2007
Model-driven High-level Programming of Embedded Systems

SLA++P is a workshop dedicated to synchronous languages and the model-driven high-level programming of reactive and embedded systems. Firmly grounded in clean mathematical semantics, synchronous languages are receiving increasing attention in industry ever since they emerged in the 80s. Lustre, Esterel, Signal are now widely and successfully used to program real-time and safety critical applications of commercial scale, from nuclear power plant management layer to Airbus air flight control systems. At the same time, model-based programming is making its way in other fields of software engineering, too, often involving cycle-based synchronous paradigms.

SLA++P extends the former SLAP workshop series on Synchronous Languages, Applications, and Programming but is not limited to synchronous approaches. It is open to other engineering design techniques with strong semantical foundations providing a way to go from high-level description to provable executable code.

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