ARTIST Graduate Course: Automated Formal Methods for Embedded Systems - 2009

June 17-25, 2009       DTU - Lyngby, Denmark organised and funded by ARTIST 


The course has parts parts:

  • Part 1: 17/6 - 19/6.
    Lectures by Alexandre Davids and Marius Mikucionis and lab sessions. In the lectures, the theory of timed automata, including priced timed automata and timed games, will be introduced and lab exercises will give hands-on experience with the Uppaal tool suite.
  • Part 2: 22/6 - 23/6.
    Lectures by Jüri Vain on model-based development and validation of multi-robot cooperative systems. Lab exercises will be based on the Uppaal tool suite.
  • Part 3: 24/6 - 25/6.
    Lectures by Michael R. Hansen, Jan Madsen and Aske Brekling analysis of systems with resource constraints.
  • Part 4: Optional 1.5 weeks project work starting 26/6. Participants can complete this project at their home institutions.

The students could take the course in two ways: The short version consisted of the first three parts, and long version including all parts.

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