ARTIST Graduate Course: Automated Formal Methods for Embedded Systems - 2010

June 14-22, 2010      DTU - Lyngby, Denmark organised and funded by ARTIST 


The course has five parts parts:

  • Part 1: 14/6 - 15/6.
    Lectures by Jüri Vain on model-based development and validation of multi-robot cooperative systems. Lab exercises will be based on the Uppaal tool suite.
  • Part 2: 16/6 - 17/6.
    Lectures by Anton Cervin on Simulation of Networked Embedded Control Systems Using TrueTime. TrueTime is a MATLAB/Simulink-based simulator that has been developed at Lund University since 1999. It provides models of multi-tasking real-time kernels and networks that can be used in simulation models of networked embedded control systems.
  • Part 3: 18/6.
    Lectures by Michael R. Hansen on a logical approach to modelling and analysis of resource constraints.
  • Part 4: 21/6 - 22/6.
    Lectures by Kokichi Futatsugi on Specification and verification with proof scores in CafeOBJ. CafeOBJ is a most advanced algebraic formal specification language system with rewriting/reduction engine which can be used for interactive verification.
  • Part 5: Optional 1.5 weeks project work starting 23/6.
    Participants can complete this project at their home institutions.

The students could take the course in two ways: The short version consisted of the first three parts, and long version including all parts.

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