April 2nd, 2008       Belfast, Northern Ireland sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 


Held in conjunction with the 13th IEEE International Conference on Engineering Complex Computer Systems, ICECCS 2008 and co-located with 15th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, ECBS 2008.
New real-time systems have increasingly complex architectures because of the intricacy of the multiple interdependent features they have to manage. They must meet new requirements of reusability, interoperability, flexibility and portability. These new dimensions favour the use of an architecture description language that offers a global vision of the system, and which is particularly suitable for handling real-time characteristics.

Due to the even more increased complexity of distributed, real-time and embedded systems (DRE), the need for a model-driven approach is more obvious in this domain than in monolithic RT systems. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to gather researchers and industrial practitioners to survey existing efforts related to behaviour modelling and model-based analysis of DRE systems.

This workshop seeks contributions from researchers and practitioners interested in all aspects of the representation, analysis, and implementation of DRE system behaviour and/or architecture models. To this end, we solicit papers (no more than 6 pages long) related to, but not limited to, the following principal topics:
  • Code generation from UML (action language) or an ADL (for instance, building a runtime corresponding to what is specified in an ADL description, code patterns) towards multiple target languages. Presentation of code genaration frameworks, tool suites or component-based programming will be particularly appreciated
  • Model verification to verify functional properties against constraints given in the architecture model
  • Verification of non-functional properties given in the architecture model against constraints given in the model
  • Modelling DRE systems with languages such as UML and/or AADL, ACME, Wright, or other ADLs
    - Behaviour modelling (concerns described in the Scope part)
    - How to enhance modelling languages and ADLs to capture real time, embedded and distributed aspects in a convenient manner
    - How to specify real-time requirements and characteristics in modelling languages

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