April 5th, 2008       Budapest, Hungary - an ETAPS'08 event. organised and funded by ARTIST 


Topics of interest

After SLAP’2002 in Grenoble, SLAP’2003 in Porto, SLAP’2004 in Barcelona, SLAP’2005 in Edinburgh, SLAP’2006 in Vienna, the revised SLA++P’2007 edition of the workshop series in Braga intended to cover a wider range of programming models than previously done. This corresponds to the current interest in component programming for large scale embedded systems, the link between simulation tools (a la Simulink/StateFlow) and compiler tools (a la Scade), languages for describing the system and its environment, integrated tools for both compilation and simulation, etc.

This Sla++p’08 issue confirms this thematic opening. The workshop topics cover, among others, the following issues:
  • synchronous and asynchronous models for time and concurrency
  • novel language paradigms blending synchrony with asynchrony and non-determinism, semantic abstraction and refinement,
  • synchronous languages and programming formalisms,
  • compilation techniques,
  • formal specification and verification,
  • test and validation of programs,
  • case-studies, industrial and teaching experience
  • design methodologies, visualisation of complex reactive systems
  • component-based development of embedded systems

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