October 27th, 2008       Kitakyushu-City, Japan organised and funded by ARTIST 

UML&FM’ 2008

This workshop seeks contributions from researchers and practitioners
interested in all aspects of integrating UML and formal methods. To this
end, we solicit papers (no more than 8 pages long) related to, but not
limited to, the following principal topics:
  • Consistent specifications, model transformations (QVT technologies,
    transformation repositories). Transformations to make models more
    analyzable so as to make them executable.
  • Automation of traceability through transformations
  • Refinement techniques: developing detailed design from a UML abstract
  • Refinement of OCL specification as well
  • Formal reasoning on models for code generation
  • Technologies for compositional verification of models
  • Specification of a formal semantics for the UML. Giving an abstract
    syntax to UML diagrams
  • Formal validation and verification of software
  • Co-modeling methods formal/informal mapping techniques
  • End-to-end methodologies or software process engineering,
    correct-by-construction design providing and supporting tools for
    safety-critical embedded systems design

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