ArtistDesign Workshop on Design for Adaptivity

May 13-14, 2008       Lund, Sweden organised and funded by ARTIST 

Travel Information

The best way to travel to Lund is via Copenhagen. From Kastrup, the Copenhagen airport, trains leave for Malmö and/or Lund every twenty minutes except for in the middle of the night when they only leave once every hour. You just go out from the baggage reclaim area and then go straight ahead a short while until you see the signs. You should buy the ticket at the ticket counter before entering the train. The price for a single ticket to Lund is 125 SEK. They accept danish kronors and swedish kronors (and Euro’s I suppose).

So, the trains to Sweden leave every 20 minutes. About every second train goes directly on to Lund. The others only go to Malmö. If you take the latter type of train, you will have to make a change in Malmö for a train to Lund (this is quite simple, they leave frequently). However, the station where you should change is the second station once you passed the bridge, not the first one (the station sequence is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) , Malmö Syd (Svagertorp), Malmo Central, Lund, ....) . The train from the airport to Lund takes around 40-50 minutes.

There are a few airlines that fly to Malmö Airport (Sturup). In that case you just take the shuttle bus to Lund.

Once you arrive in Lund you either walk to your hotel (Grand, Lundia, Petri Pumpa, and Concordia are within 4 minutes walking distance) or take a taxi. You should be a bit cautious when you take a taxi in Sweden, though. The taxi market has been completely de-regulated since a couple of years. The taxis are legally allowed to charge any rate they want, as long as the rate is shown on a small piece of paper at the car window. The result of this is that there is quite a few "independent taxi operators" that try to find uninformed foreigners/tourists. What you should do is to only take a taxi that belongs to one of the real taxi companies. Normally they have their telephone numbers printed in large signs on the doors of the cars. Also, in a line of taxi cars, you do not have to take the first car. You can pick
anyone you like.


Below is a long list of hotels in Lund.. Our general recommendations are the following:

Top-Class Hotels:
Grand Hotel
Hotel Lundia
Hotel Concordia
Do not chose Star. It is way off.

Mid-Class Hotels:
Sparta Hotel
Hotell Planetstaden
Do not chose IBIS Hotel. It is way out of town.

Economy accomodation:
Not found in the list below we have Anhörighotellet. It is owned by the hospital and used for relatives to patients that need to stay over night. It is however also a regular hotel of the student condominium type (rooms with shower+wc and a shared living room, kitchenette). We use it a lot and it is well worth its price. It is also quite conveniently located.
Price per single room is around 500 SEK
Phone: +46 46 178690 / 178600

1 Euro is approx 9,30 - 9,40 Swedish kronor. If you mention that you are visiting Lund University you might get a better rate.

Hotell Ahlström
Skomakaregatan 3
In the center.
Tel/Fax: +46 46-211 01 74.

Concordia Hotel
Stålbrogatan 1.
In the center
Tel: +46 46-13 50 50.
Fax: +46 46-13 74 22

First Hotel Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38.
1,5 from center.
Tel: +46 46-280 01 00
Fax: +46 46-280 01 99

Grand Hotel
Bantorget 1.
In the center
Tel: +46 46-280 61 00
Fax:+46 46-280 61 50

Lilla Hotellet i Lund
Bankgatan 7
In the center.
Tel: +46 46-32 88 88
Fax: +46 46-38 58 68

Hotel Lundia
Knut d Stores torg 2
In the center
Tel: +46 46-280 65 00.
Fax: +46 46-280 65 10

Hotel Oskar
Bytaregatan 3
In the center
Tel: +46 46 - 18 80 85
Fax: +46 46 - 37 30 30

Petri Pumpa Hotel
S:t Petri kyrkogata 7.
In the center
Tel: +46 46-13 55 19
Fax: +46 46-13 56 71

Scandic Hotel Star Lund
Glimmervägen 5.
2,5 km outside center
Tel: +46 46-285 25 00.
Fax:+46 46-285 25 11

Hotell Sparta
Tunavägen 39.
1,5 km from center
Tel: +46 46-19 16 00
Fax: +46 46-12 85 25

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