ArtistDesign Automotive Systems Day 2008

March 12th, 2008       Munich, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 


Automotive - one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic design and manufacturing sectors - relies on an ever-expanding range of leading-edge electronics technologies. Over the past years, the volume of electronics content in the modern car has ballooned from ist engine control and antilock braking systems origins. It now encompasses in-vehicle navigation systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning systems. And we will soon see lane keeping assistants, intelligent speed adaptation, night vision assistance and automatic parking. So, not surprisingly, more than 80% of the innovation in new cars is electronics-based. Moreover, industry analysts forecast that the cost of the electronics in a typical mid-sized car will account for about 40% of ist total
manufacturing cost by 2010.
Integrating these innovations into one system - the automobile - is extraordinarily complex. To deal with this complexity, the electronics must be regarded as a system of hardware/software embedded systems. The complexity of these individual embedded systems and their interactions with each other mandates a more rigorous system development approach than current practice delivers. For example, one issue is the management of the engineering information that defines the system - a critical
determinant of development time, cost, quality and most importantly, dependability.

In response to these challenges, European automotive electronics designers are doing what they have done for two decades - they are adopting advanced system and chip design methodologies and tools. This is why the complex challenges of automotive electronics design and the advanced technology required to meet these challenges are a prominent focus of this year’s DATE conference.

The dedicated "Automotive Systems" day on Wednesday March 12th focuses on the particular challenges faced by the automotive supply chain, with special attention given to system and software architecture design. The day will also cover advances in embedded system science and technology that may be of importance to meeting these challenges, discussing new concepts, methodologies and tools that have the potential to substantially improve the automotive design ecosystem.

There are also some interesting sessions that highlight new research results. The session "Automotive System Design and Verification" and the Executive session "ESL Today: Some Recent Trends" on Tuesday March 11th, together with the Monday tutorial, "Design Flows, Communication Based Design and Architectures in Automotive Electronic Systems", address multiple topics in the automotive electronics domain.

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