ArtistDesign Automotive Systems Day 2008

March 12th, 2008       Munich, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 

Objectives & Conclusions



The meeting was organized by Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley and PARADES, with substantial contribution by Marco di Natale, Scuola di Sant’Anna.The objectives of the full day meeting were:
  • To provide insight into new developments and advances in electronics automotive architectures. The design of innovative chip architectures, new upcoming standards for high-bandwidth and deterministic communication (FlexRay) and sensors are the domains of interest, with emphasis on reliability and support for advanced active safety functions.
  • To investigate system level integration issues. System-level integration requires an overall understanding of the interplay of the sub-systems to enable component-based development with portability, reconfigurability and extensibility and guaranteed reliability and performance levels. Integration by simple interfaces and plug-and-play of sub-systems, which is the main objective of AUTOSAR, requires solving essential technical problem.
  • To review tools for the evaluation by simulation or by static analysis of timing properties of complex embedded systems.Time predictability is related to the capability of predicting the system-level timing behaviour (latencies and jitter), resulting from the synchronisation between tasks and messages, but also from the synchronisation and queuing policies of the middleware and RTOS levels.
  • To discuss issues about the car of the future. The car of the future will be based on very advanced software and hardware technologies for improved safety and additional features such as autonomous driving, vehicle to vehicle communication, extensive communication, and entertainment subsystems. What are the limiting factors for introducing new technology in cars? What are the standards, methods and tools that will be needed to bring these cars to market quickly and with guaranteed properties?

Conclusions and Next Steps

After the special day, it was decided to put emphasis on the automotive domain as an important industrial sector where to exemplify integration activities for ArtistDesign. The strong interest demonstrated in the event yielded a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on CAD that will feature most of the papers presented here. The key note address by Hanselmann underlined the importance of a unified design flow and of integrating different tools from different vendors in an appropriate framework.

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