Education in Embedded Systems Design
October 11th 2003 - Philadelphia
This was an open meeting to discuss important action lines in the area of Embedded Systems - in which strong synergy between international teams had the greatest benefits. Work over the first year had concentrated on discussion between top researchers in the field, summarized in white papers that were presented and discussed here.

The list of participants is available here.

This was a very successful meeting - gathering some outstanding figures in the area, including representatives from the European Commission (Tom Clausen) and the NSF (Helen Gill), the Editor in Chief of the ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems Journal (Wayne Wolf) and the Chairman of the ACM of the SIGBED (Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems) Janos Sztipanovits.

There is a strong willingness to collaborate on Education for embedded systems. An international working group has been set up, led by Alberto Sangiovanni and includes Wayne Wolf (Princeton), George Papas (Upenn), Ed Lee (UC Berkeley), Alan Burns (York), Paul Caspi (Verimag), Hans Hansson (Mälardalen). This working group will prepare a call for a Special Issue on Education of the Transactions on Embedded Systems Journal. The guest editor for this special issue is Alan Burns.


Programme and Slides

Chair: Joseph Sifakis, VERIMAG

Chair: Bruno Bouyssounouse, VERIMAG

Chair: George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania

Panel Discussion
Moderator: J. Sifakis
Alan Burns
Paul Caspi
Hermann Kopetz
George Pappas
Alberto Sangiovanni
Wayne Wolf

Co-organized with George Pappas - University of Pennsylvania

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